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Zhengzhou Toper will attend the ASIAWATER Asia (Malaysia) international exhibition of water treatment from April 6 to 8, 2016 in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia. Our Booth Number is 6072 (EXHIBATION HALL 6). We would  like to invite all our friends in Malaysia and other area of southeast Asian who engage in water treatment and environmental protection industry  and all the customers need to use solid-liquid separation equipment, to visit our booth to negotiate and jointly explore new cooperation opportunities.
2016 Asia (Malaysia) international exhibition of water treatment (ASIAWATER 2016) began in 2000, has become the industry recognized and the most representative water exhibition in Asia after more than 10 years of development. The involving field contains: wastewater treatment, industrial water treatment, water purification technology etc.. This exhibition has got strong support from the Malaysian government, aggregated a lot of front line person in the field of water treatment, and gained great attention and participation of the industry association, government regulators, planner, water treatment equipment suppliers, water treatment engineering contractors etc..
It is expected that more than 14000 professional audience will attend the exhibition. Various of large technical forum about environmental protection, wastewater treatment and recycling topics etc. will also be held during the same period.

The content of this exhibition:

1. Life, industry and urban wastewater treatment technology and equipment;
2. Water saving and wastewater resource application technology and equipment; Water quality, water testing, analysis, monitoring instruments and equipment and water meter;
3. Membrane and membrane module, water treatment and wastewater treatment technology and equipment, water treatment agent, filter material and equipment;
4. Measuring instruments, analytical instruments, metering device, monitoring system, water and sewage process control, automation system, the computer simulation system, data records, management/control mode and lab equipment;
5. Household water purification machine, commercial water purification machine, water production technology and equipment, the manufacturing technology and products of pure water, distilled water, mineral water etc.;
6. Pumps, valves, pipes, pipe fittings, pipe network testing facilities;
7. Control system, instrument and meter seals, frequency conversion water supply equipment, water tanks, vibration isolation devices, etc.;
8. All kinds of production machinery for water supply and drainage, aeration equipment, water disinfection equipment and sea water desalination;
9. All kinds of hot water equipment, heat exchanger, solar water heater, boiler, thermal insulation material, bathroom heating equipment, floor heating system;
10. Water-saving technology, water companies, consulting and engineering services, and other water products, technologies and services.

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