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JS1500 concrete mixer exported to Swedish


In January 25, 2015. the ship of JS1500 concrete mixer which our Swedish customer Marcus purchased, has left Qingdao Port China. Marcus is our old customer, who purchased our JS750 concrete mixer in the year 2011. And always he is very satisfy with our concrete mixer work. Also in March 2013 and April 2014, he purchased JS750 related spare parts from us.

From April 2014, Marcus receive the notice that their factory will expand capacity. Then he ask our JS1500 type concrete mixer price. As before all he asked is DDU price, also this time we give him DDU price in time.

In October 2014, Marcus asked two questions.
1.Whether we can replace high quality ferromanganese alloy arms and blades for him.
2.Whether we can modify the hopper rail length to 8m.
After communication with our technical person, we all reply yes but without extra fees to Marcus.

In November 2014, with the procurement time is close, Marcus mention the shipping costs is little higher. Then we update detailed shipping costs to him, also advise him to ask the forwarder in his local place. In December, he replied that the price his forwarder give him is almost the same with us, and in December 20 2014, he decide to purchase from our HI-TOPER company again.

In December 30 2014, after receive the deposit, we arrange the production of JS1500 concrete mixer. In January 15, 2015, finish the production, Marcus arrange the balance payment. And we book the shipping date of January 25, 2015.

In January 26, we update news to Marcus that the ship left Qingdao Port, China in January 25. Marcus reply that he is very satisfy with the production and shipping arrangement. And express that he wish to cooperate with HI-TOPER in the following days.

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