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Kazakhstan customer interested in the filter equipment and vacuum disc filter


2015.10.25,director of the well-known Kazakhstan ТОО «ПРОГРЕССКАЗИНЖИНИРИНГ» Mr. Roman and leading process engineer Mr. Shaklein came to our factory for a study visit. The company’s technology and equipment in mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, environment, food and other industries are involved, it is one with scientific and technological strength of the integrated companies.

We get contacted with the ТОО «ПРОГРЕССКАЗИНЖИНИРИНГ» company began in early August this year, the focus is to pressure filtration equipment. After a preliminary understanding and communication, Mr. Shaklein showed great interested in the filter equipment and vacuum disc filter, and express the hope that we can talk face to face and fieldwork factory willingness to learn more in-depth of our factory’s real capacity, so as to bilateral cooperation and ointly explore the market laid a solid foundation.

In October, we arrange the vehicle to pick up three of our clients from their hotle to our factory.Into the workshop, from the choice of filter plate raw materials, processing equipment used in production, post-fine processing, stress testing processes, and then variety forms, materials and sizes of the filter press manufactured in the workshop, whether it is a plate -frame type , chamber style or membrane filter press, hydraulic, mechanical,screw jack compressing, or manual discharing,automatic pulling plates device discharge, automatic bomb door system,cleaning cloth,cloth varicose system etc., the clients are all carried out detailed observation and understanding, and with Rocky in-depth communication. The clients have been recognized and highly commended.
With the deepening understanding of our coporation, the two sides also discussed about the vacuum disc filter machine, dryer, rotary kiln, dust separator, and other products that the customers interested, and number of projects undertaken and follow-up to reach preliminary consensus.
Whether it is product system design, the quality control and after-sales service attitude, as well as autonomy to enhance and improve production technology, the two sides have reached a high degree of consistency. Through this communication and visits, both full of expectation and confidence to the upcoming cooperation.

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