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Russian customers come to our factory for water recycling filtration equipment


Nov. 9-Nov. 10 of year 2015, Russian customers Gennady come to our factory for the 4th visits. In the year 2012 Gennady started an investment project involves the industrial chain from aquaculture to fish products. The chain involves the production of PP plate pond, fish food production facilities, water recycling filtration equipment, fish processing equipment and so on.
By the end of the year 2012, Gennady inquiry our filter press, with the satisfactory of the drawing process quote and service. He ask us to help him purchase the fish pond used PP sheet. Until the end of 2013 to complete the delivery. And in the early of the year 2014, 4 workers went to their place to finish the pond production work. and received highly praise.
In the afternoon of Nov. 9, with the accompany of Joycee and Rocky. Gennady come again to the PP factory. Mentioned the need to expand production capacity at the plant on the second floor, third floor, he will need more PP sheet. Talking with the technical engineers of the drawing modified work. Saying he hope to complete the PP sheet delivery work before the Chinese Spring Festival. At last, we talk dinner together with PP factory boss & workers. And take some souvenir pictures.
On Nov. 10, Gennady mainly visit our filter press factory. Filter press is a solid-liquid separation equipment. In aquaculture, It’s mainly used to separate the left fish food, fish waste and some treated water additives. And it will be used in the behind segment. According to the situation described, our engineers advise our membrane filter press. XGZ30/870-30U with once-opened. since the treated water to be recycled to the pond,
Then we discussed the relevant material proceeds and finalized for. A. filter press and the belt conveyor frame covered with stainless steel. B. Control cabinet made of stainless steel plus a touch screen. C. feed material for the PP diaphragm pump is Ingersoll Rand. D. between the feed pump and filter press is PPR material pipe. Note: filter press filter medium contacted with water is already food grade PP material. Therefore, this is no special requirements of this part.
When he left, Gennady said he will confirm the order ASAP when he goes back. Through four years communication, we have a better understanding of each other. We hope the next four years, the next ten years, our HI-TOPER can maintain a good working relationship with Gennady.

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