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Two Customers From Apex-COCO AND SOLAR ENERGY LIMITED Visit Our Filter Factory


2016.03.03 R.R.Shrinivasan and M.Ramufrom from apex-COCO AND SOLAR ENERGY LIMITED company visit our filter factory and have a preliminary discussion about its plan to build a coconut processing line .
Before this, the customers have the industry-related research in their own countries, and inspected the operational flow of the production line, involving the relevant filter press separation equipment have a certain understanding, so the main purpose of this trip for the customer is to select appropriate model of machine according to its design capacity requirements (approximately 200,000 coconuts per day) .
In our workshop, customers see the same type of plate-frame &chamber filter press as their previous inspection tour of the production line usage,and heard our detailed explanation and description of its structure and processes. While interim meeting after, the vision for the entire production line was discussed, expressed the intention to cooperate, the two sides full of expectations to further cooperation.
Coconut oil separation get more and more important because the original ecology coconut oil is active in foreign markets in recent years as a new type of vegetable fat. Its superior functional properties by scholars more and more attention. Coconut has long provided food, beverage, pharmaceutical, fuel, housing, wealth and health products, such as for humans. Coconut is a nutritious food and do not heating nutritional health products, many features similar to breast milk.
Coconut oil is recognized as the best cooking oil, and virgin coconut oil (VCO) is a most nutritious and has a variety of health functions of vegetable oil, its main component is a medium chain fatty acids (MCFA), not only to the promotion of human in vivo absorption of nutrients and improve digestion, while regulate blood sugar levels, it is particularly important to enhance defense capabilities in vivo, in order to avoid invasion by harmful microorganisms.
Coconut separate production lines, usually there are two kinds of wet and dry, is usually wet. In simple terms, the general process is the shell, take coconut meat, crush, press (initial filter), then ordinary centrifuge (three-foot, flat-plate type) solid-liquid separation (rough filter) —- disc centrifuge three phase separation (thin residue, coconut oil, coconut milk) – tubular centrifuge of two-phase separation (fine filtration). It’s just about a general process, or according to specific customer needs and specific circumstances.

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